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As engineers with enough expertise to build our own cloud, we know a thing or two about how to build IT infrastructure. Here are some of the areas we're dangerously good at.

Systems Engineering


Name a virtualization technology and we can deploy it blindfolded.


If your organization is still working with Microsoft Exchange due to cost, niche features, or lack of time to migrate, we can help! Our engineering team has decades of experience with Exchange, spanning all versions through to today.


We specialize in the deployment of enterprise storage platforms and have extensive experience with almost every storage platform on the planet.

Office 365

We've successfully migrated thousands of companies to Office 365. Whether you're coming from Exchange 2003-2019, Google G Suite, or an existing Office 365 tenant, we'll get you there.

Business Continuity

If the Orion backup & DR platform isn't the right fit for your organization, we can still help you with your business continuity planning. As a managed IT provider, we regularly work with a wide variety of backup & DR platforms.

Active Directory

Bring us your broken, orphaned child domains and we will make them whole again.


Need help deciphering that df -h? Can't quite grep the ps -ax? We can help!

Networking Architecture


Our network engineering team has deployed or maintained some of the largest campus networks in the world, with just about every serious campus networking vendor there is. Whether it's a single office building or a sprawl of distributed university buildings, we have the expertise to architect and build your campus network the right way.


We've built massive and successful SD-WANs, implemented layer 2 metro WANs, migrated global L3VPNs, and even build our own MPLS network to power the Orion cloud platform. We're also masterfully adept with critical WAN technologies, such as BGP, MPLS, LDP, IS-IS, OSPF, QoS, and most importantly, how to not extend layer 2 over the WAN.

Data Center

We know a thing or two about designing data center's what we do. We regularly ghost-engineer for other major cloud providers who just don't have the expertise we do when it comes to advanced data center networking technologies. From dual top of rack switch micro data centers to massive EVPN deployments, we'll help you make it stellar.

Transit & Peering

As a cloud provider that operates its own AS and transit edge, with engineers on staff who have worked on data center, carrier, and enterprise networks of all sizes, we're very familiar with the public interconnect landscape. We've been known to moonlight for community-run IXPs, we've assisted organizations with overhauling their legacy transit networks, and regularly help growing enterprises and cloud providers move from provider aggregate to independent address space. We're also extremely passionate about IPv6 deployment, and have implemented dual stack IPv4 & IPv6 networks, as well as deployed NAT64 & DNS64, and NPTv6 when the need arises.

DevOps & App Development

Infrastructure Automation

Need to automate infrastructure tasks to regain precious manhours, but ironically don't have the time to give yourself more time? We can help! We've successfully built infrastructure automation systems for both simple and complex requirements to automate the boring tasks and remove human error from infrastructure deployment.

API Construction

If you already have a solid app, but need help getting a fully documented REST API off the ground to add even more value to your app, we can build it!

Front End

Already have your back-end code perfected but the GUI looks like a low-effort Geocities blog? Please, let us help you. From basic CSS framework implementation to a full ReactJS PWA, you can worry about your back-end business logic, and we can worry about your divs, your flexboxes, and your custom useState hooks for you.

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Working with the team at Stellar has made my work-life easier. Stellar’s knowledgeable staff has been able fulfill our advance networking support needs. Thanks to Stellar, we have also been able to develop and deploy a successful disaster recovery solution. I am pleased to continue working with the team, as they are always willing to go above and beyond to deliver a successful solution.

Oscar Villagomez, Infrastructure Lead

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