The Enterprise Native Cloud

Our strategically located data centers allow enterprises to substantially reduce latency between end-users and business applications.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Time Is Money & Talk Is Cheap

We're that confident in the Orion platform. If we fail to deliver on our Service Level Agreement, we'll credit back the amount of time services were unavailable.
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Infrastructure as a Service

Your Virtual Private Data Center at the Highest Altitude


The Orion compute infrastructure is built to sustain the most intense workloads your business can demand. As an engineer-led team with some of the highest performance standards in the universe, we don't mess around when it comes to our infrastructure.
Our servers are packed with high-performance Intel CPUs, the fastest RAM money can buy, and dedicated 100 Gbps networking.
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As one of the fastest-moving cloud platforms on the planet, we're obsessed with guaranteeing insanely fast I/O performance.
Orion production workloads uncompromisingly run on 100% dedicated SSD storage arrays backed by at least 200 Gbps of storage networking capacity per array.


The Orion platform is powered by VMware, so you can rest easy knowing your critical infrastructure is running on the most reliable hypervisor in the known universe.
Orion natively supports virtually any operating system in existence, and can be easily populated with your own custom ISO builds if needed.

Perimeter Security

Keeping invaders away from your cloud resources is critically important. With the Orion premium next-generation firewall service powered by Palo Alto Networks, your cloud resources can take advantage of application layer visibility and control, known and unknown threat prevention, malware prevention, and inbound and outbound SSL decryption.

Orion Cloud Desktops

The Smart, Secure Way to Never Deal with PCs Again

High Performance Desktops for Everyone

With Orion VDI, end users can take full advantage of our blazing-fast platform in their everyday workloads while you focus on adding value to your business instead of worrying about which PCs need upgrading this year.
Upgrading a user's CPU, RAM, or disk space is just ten seconds of your time, and user workflows never miss a beat!

Truly Secure Mobile Workforce

Are you worried about your mobile users getting compromised while working from home or at a coffee shop? With VDI, user desktops never leave your secure cloud perimeter, so there's no need to worry about disk encryption, man-in-the-middle attacks, or data loss.
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Data Protection

We've Got You Covered

Backups as a Service

At Stellar, one of the core components of our engineering culture is the concept that backups are Priority 1. Having a comprehensive data protection strategy that properly safeguards critical business data is the most essential objective a technology-driven organization can have.
With the power of the Orion cloud platform, we offer one of the world's most robust, customizable, and fastest backup platforms, powered by Veeam. With our atomically low RPOs & RTOs, enterprises can rest assured that their critical data is protected and easily recoverable when disaster strikes.
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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery takes data protection beyond basic file recovery. With Orion's DRaaS platform, powered by VMware and Veeam, our data protection engineers can fail over your entire IT infrastructure environment in minutes, should an inevitable disaster occur.
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Network Connectivity

Travel on Your Cloud Journey at the Speed of Light


Behind the Orion platform is our transcontinental & transpacific core network. Each of our strategically located data centers is redundantly interconnected with the rest of the Orion ecosystem via 10 Gbps transport paths, ensuring always-on availability and uncompromising speed.

Upstream Interconnection

We're as selective with our transit carriers as we are with our CPUs; this means we only partner with the best Tier 1 carriers and leverage local peering whenever possible to guarantee the lowest latency to Orion for our end users.

Private Extensions

To ensure Orion is a complete extension of the enterprise, we support private connectivity of virtually any type. Whether it's an MPLS/L3VPN service from your existing carrier, a metro ethernet link, or a physical VPN endpoint, Stellar can ensure consistent and predictible network connectivity from your networked locations to Orion.
To simplify connectivity even further, we offer premium cloud extension services that offer resilient, performant connectivity to Orion services and guarantee always-on cloud connectivity.
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Trust & Compliance

Always at Red Alert

SOC 2 Type II

Stellar is AICPA SOC 2 Type II certified. By achieving compliance with this globally recognized information security controls framework, Stellar has demonstrated a commitment to protecting sensitive customer and company information.
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Our externally verified HIPAA/HITECH alignment helps ensure that your cloud services exceed the healthcare industry’s complex data privacy and security regulations.
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